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Jan 18, 2018 at 12:50 PM

Multiple Delivery is not happening for a Single Sales Order



I Created a sales order with BOM....where i have materials 1(Parent material of the BOM),2 & 3 (Child Materials)...

Here,2 & 3 are relevent for delivery and header material is only used for pricing purpose....

Now suppose I create a sales order with order quantity 10 for material 2 and order quantity 8 for material 3.

Now while creating a outbound delivery for that with VL01N I just changed deliv quantity to picked quantity and do the PGI....for material 2 it is 5 and for material 3 it is 4...after saving it when I am trying to create another outbound delivery for same sales order for the remaining part ( remaining 5 quantity for material 2 and remaining 4 quantity for material 3) system is showing an error "No delivery-relevant items in order xxxxxx, order type Zxxx"

Message no. VL455


The sales order you want to deliver, sales order xxxxxx with order type Zxxx, either contains no delivery-relevant items or its delivery-relevant items have already been delivered.

Please reply in this issue.....