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AVAC control not working at Single WBS level, It is considering budget of whole project

Jan 18 at 07:39 AM


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My scenario is the screenshot project structure displays one project which i have created in system.


AVAC control is activated for whole project. One WBS Shipping part I have not given any budget and have not released any budget as displayed in screenshot Budget screen.


When i am trying to add few materials with zero value at Shipping part WBS/shipping part activity 0054, system is throwing me budget exceeded errors. These all errors are for other WBS/activities as displayed in screenshot error messages.


I wanted to ask when i am uploading at Shipping part WBS zero value materials, first of all why system is throwing budget error because the material value is zero.

And if system is throwing budget error also why it is checking the budget at other WBS/activities level when i am adding material at Shipping part WBS/0054 activity.

How exactly AVAC control works at project level. I am a bit confused now.

Please clarify if possible.

Thanks in advance

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1 Answer

Maria Terence Jan 18 at 11:01 AM
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I have read this blog earlier.This is not what i am asking.

I want to understand why system is throwing budget error when i am adding a zero value material to activity first of all.

And second thing all the budget errors are related to other WBS not the one(Shipping part) on which i am adding the material.

How AVAC control works actually? Will it consider the WBS budget also when i am adding the material at shipping part WBS/activity.?

Please clarify




Normally Budget check will occur, if you have 0.01 in the Budget, else system will not calculate AVAC.

In your case, you are adding 0.01 of price for the Material, but still it will calculate Budget and check AVAC.

Can you share the Budget profile config screenshot to check what you have given?





Consider that Remaining order plan is also validated towards your budget if the NWA are released.Apparently you have AVAC status active and WBS has a zero budget with probably non-zero ROP.