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May 14, 2008 at 10:04 AM

Release Procedure - Scenario



If you have come across this kind of scenario.Do help me out.

Following is the scenario description

Currently to create or maintain a purchase order we need an authorisation role for a Buyer (such as Buyer - Services). To release a purchase order we need an authorisation role for Procurement Manager.

In some smaller procurement teams we need to share the task of creating purchase orders and releasing them. In these cases we have allowed some users to have both the Buyer and Procurement Manager authorisation roles. However, where we allow users to create and release purchase orders we have a procedure which states that the users are not allowed to release an order that they have created - they are only allowed to release orders that have been raised by someone else.

For example, if a procurement team has 3 buyers and a manager. The manager could normally release orders from all the buyers. If the manager was not available then there would be a delay in getting orders released, so we allow 1 or more of the buyers to release orders as well. However, a buyer can only release an order if it had been created by one of the other buyers. The purpose of this is to make sure a single user could not create a purchase order and then approve it themselves without anyone else needing to see it.

The requested change is for the system to check when a purchase order is being released if the user doing the release is the same user as created the order - and if so, not allow the release to be done. If the user doing the release is not the same user who created the order then the release should be allowed