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HELP: Flavor runs with a endless while loop in the Screen Event onLoad

Jan 17 at 06:35 PM


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Dear Screen Personas team,

please help me, I made a stupid mistake.

I wrote a while loop and didn't pay attention, now it runs endless.

I put this script in the screen event onLoad.

Everytime, when I click on the flavor to edit it, the script runs and my browser crashes.

Could you please me me to remove the script by not running the flavor?

Many thanks!!!

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2 Answers

Tamas Hoznek
Jan 17 at 09:16 PM

Look at this KB article, and the sap-personas-ignoreloadevents URL parameter in particular.

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Thanh-Huyen Le Jan 18 at 09:45 AM

Hi Tamas,

many thanks for your help, it now works like a wonder with the additional &sap-personas-ignoreloadevents=X.

Yesterday I tried to manipulate the field DELETE in table /personas/script to deactivate the script. But that solution doesn't work.

Could you please tell me, where the script of flavor is located? (in a bsp file? or it's really saved in the table /personas/script??)

In addition, it would be great if there is a possibility to change the flavor without having to run it at the first place.



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Scripts are indeed stored in table /PERSONAS/SCRIPT but I would not advise trying to 'hack' the Personas tables unless you are absolutely sure you know the relationship among them. You risk creating inconsistencies otherwise.

As for changing the flavor without running it: The only supported way to change them is via the Flavor Editor.