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no billing document is generated

sales order with 2 items, item 10 has price, item 20 no price create billing of item 10 only?

I have tried using configuring item category in VOV7

Item 10 TAN with ""Pricing"" = X (Pricing standard) ; & Billing Relevance = A (Delivery related billing) Item 20 ZTNN with ""Pricing"" = blank (No pricing); & Billing Relevance = blank (Not relevant for billling)

but my problem is not getting solved so please help me on this requirement.

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3 Answers

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    Jan 19, 2018 at 09:53 PM

    You will not get a billing document for an incomplete sales order, no matter how much anyone "wants" it. It's a standard SAP functionality. If there are any incomplete items in the order then no billing document will be generated. Reasons for the incompletion do not matter, it's just a status check. This has been asked on SCN many times before.

    To achieve whatever you're trying to do you need to resolve the incompletion issue. Perhaps if you explained the business requirement others could suggest some alternatives. It's not clear from the original question why exactly this is needed.

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    • Yes but what's the point of adding the items to an order if they have no price and, therefore, can't really be sold anyway? It's not the best business practice. A sales order is a clear intent to purchase something. (In B2B operations there would usually be a legally binding purchase order involved.) You don't just throw in some random items that maybe (or maybe not) will be updated later. Of course, there could be situations when price can't be determined and that's why we can save incomplete documents. But all incompletion issues should be resolved before the billing time, as Veselina mentioned.

      You can try applying a rejection reason to the "extra" items but that doesn't really solve the main issue here IMHO. If you want some additional items then just put them on a different order. If both orders are complete and fit the combination criteria, they'll be combined on the same invoice. Or use contract / quotation and then create orders for relevant items from there.

      Sorry, I just don't see what valid business scenario would require the setup that your client is expecting. It just doesn't seem like a sound business model. And your role is to advise the client on best practices, not just accommodate every request as is.

  • Jan 22, 2018 at 12:12 PM

    If I understood correctly, if you have documents, for which at least one item is complete and at least one item is incomplete, you wish to create a billing document that consists only of complete items.

    This is possible if you are not on S/4HANA, as explained in note 44618 - Incomplete items prevent billing.

    Still, I would think twice before suggesting this to a client, because it only solves a minor part of a bigger problem.

    It is a bad practice to allow incomplete documents, especially when it comes to pricing go go further. In well-run operations the clerks run reports to find and correct incompletion as a part of their daily routine.

    It is also worth checking why prices are not determined or entered so often that the business requests the assistance of a consultant and possibly a developer instead of fixing whatever is causing document incompletion.
    As an end customer I would be disappointed if due to mistakes by the vendor I cannot get my discount/promotion or if I have to pay for shipping twice for no good reason.

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  • Jan 19, 2018 at 06:48 AM
    Billing Relevance = blank (Not relevant for 

    Obviously, system won't allow to create Billing document for this item category.

    What is your expectation here? If you want billing of ZTNN then you will have to customize it as Relevant for billing same as TAN and subsequently maintain the copy control settings.



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    • Requirement is like that you should have multiple line items only few has price equal to non zero and others are zero in sales order and client want complete that order and in future he want to place price of remaining item and want to bill of those items which are having price and skip the items which are having zero price i didn't find any suitable solution till now ? I have tried but it always says incomplete sales order so billing can't be done ?If solution exist please guide me.