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Adapt UI Changes not showing up when deployed to ABAP Server

Jan 18 at 11:44 PM


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Did some Adapt UI changes to the the SAP UI5 application on SAP WEB IDE, deployed the changes to the ABAP back end, i can see a folder for changes in the BSP Application, but the changes arent showing up on the FIORI Launchpad.

Is there something i missing, any thought owuld be appreciated.

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Can you please tell me how did you achieved this? I mean Adapt UI functionality.

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Selvakumar Mohan Jan 22 at 05:32 PM

Resolved this.

First off, this issue was faced when the customer requested a URL to the SAP UI5 Application deployed in the ABAP Repository, a semantic approach wouldnt have posed this issue.

We created a index.html to have the application hosted as standalone. The index.html didnt have a script to include changes_preview.js which actually has code to invoke the changes files created by the ADAPT UI feature. This is what was causing the changes not to be displayed. Included the changes_preview.js file to the ABAP repository structure, included the path pointing to this file in the index.html file created, which invoked the changes and hence the screen displayed all changes done via adapt ui. Planning to write a blog on the same. Will update here once the blog is posted.

Screenshot of changes_preview.js where these changes are invoked.

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Arjun Biswas Jan 19 at 03:35 AM

Hi Selvakumar Mohan,

I have also faced an similar issue once. Have you submitted your application with your changes, before deploying to the ABAP repository.


Arjun Biswas

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I am certainly not sure what does submitting means. Please elaborate more on this, it would be of great help.


Are you using Ecplise IDE or WebIDE for your project.


I am using WebIDE, after the adapt UI changes I can see the changes folder with same name. When I run the app stand-alone the changes are visible but when it is deployed to ABAP workbench: still I can see the changes folder in back but any changes to the screen is lost. Please explain is there a special way I need to handle this changes deployment to back end