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May 14, 2008 at 05:56 AM

export order


daer all ,

i was creating export order for customer in nepal newly for i have created route after creating sls order at delivery, we get this error

Create delivery" not allowed (Sys. status EXLS, object VB5007000003000001)Message no. BS051


The status check for the status object VB5007000004000001 indicated that the procedure "Create delivery" cannot be performed because Sys. status LKD forbids it.

System Response

Procedure "Create delivery" is not performed.


If procedure "Create delivery" is to be performed, the Sys. status LKD of object VB5007000004000001 must be reset.

Other statuses than Sys. status LKD can also prevent the procedure. This message does not tell you all statuses which currently prevent procedure "Create delivery".

for the material for the export in (mm01) no forign export data except the country of origin

kindly help me please. for right answer best reward points...but i need to fix this quickly

thanks in advance.