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WF triggered without process instance

Jan 18 at 11:44 AM


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found a strange behaviour with WF.

We have PO-WF in PRD, whenever PO CREATED or CHANGED it triggers this WF.

2 such strange cases occurred where the PO-WF triggered properly and got COMPLETED properly. But next day for PO the WF log showed that it got triggered again. Strange thing is I see it not triggered thru any change in that PO. It was as if someone re-started the WF from GOS.

But when we asked the user who was approver for that PO, she said that she did not re-start thru GOS.

So my question how can I find how this WF triggered without the PO being changed.

Because I see that it can trigger only thru GOS > WF > Start WF but user saying she didnt perform that.

Is there a way that I can find for that particular WF log which got triggered that how it happened or what was the source for triggering?


Aditya V

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What does the technical log say about how the WF was started?

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2 Answers

Susan Keohan
Jan 18 at 07:54 PM

Any chance the Event Log is turned on?


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Aditya Varrier Jan 24 at 11:18 AM

Hi Susan and Mike,

thanks for responding.

Is it possible that this might have occurred due to tRFC issues? because I could see many tRFC related error logs in SM58. However I have asked BASIS to check them.


Aditya V

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Unlikely but possible. The only way I can think is that there was an older entry stuck which was manually processed much later. In between another WF was started by the user.

But you still haven't answered my question. The technical log will tell you by which mechanism a WF was started.


hi Mike,

sorry for delay, well the WF log show it triggered thru start event. I checked the PO change logs as well, but no clue.


Well that supports what your user is telling you that they didn't start it from GOS.

So it was a change on the PO. Note that a follow-on document can also trigger a change.


Thanks Mike,

could be, well after that instance no such an issue occured, so the root cause still a question mark.

However my slight thought is that after that issue all tRFC's were fixed so may be that was issue.

Anyways I thank for your inputs and lets see if it occurs again.