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Jan 18, 2018 at 08:52 AM

Protect parts of an HTML5 application in SAP CP using groups / roles


Hi all,

I hope this is not a duplicate, but I couldn't find any answer so far.

My goal is to show parts of an HTML5 application in SAP Cloud Platform (Neo) only to authorized users. Ideally, I would like to retrieve the roles / groups of a user during execution time and based on that hide / disable certain buttons.

So far, I found out that I can exclude subpages [1] which is not what I would like to do. Also there is the authorization management API [2], but that's meant for administration and not for productive use. It would also require to store passwords in the code which is obviously not the right way to go.

Is there any other way to retrieve the role / group information of a user during runtime? I am thinking of something like "isUserInRole("Developer")" which exists for java [3] or the user API for HTML5 [4].

Thank you very much for your response!