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While creating delivery using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC UoM is getting defaulted with sales unit.

Hi experts.

We are facing an issue where UOM is getting defaulted/copied from sales order UOM while creating outbound delivery using BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC.

Can anyone help us with proper inputs to BAPI so that we achive creating delivery with UOM which we pass to BAPI_DELIVERYPROCESSING_EXEC(no same as sales order UOM).

Thanks in advance,


Naveen Pentam.

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  • Hi Naveen,

    did you check the BAPI's structures?

    How do you fill them?

    You are giving no input at all about you invoke the BAPI.

  • Hi Milesi,

    my sales order in UOM(M).

    I have passed KG as UOM to BAPI(request structure).

    request-document_numb = lwa_vbap-vbeln." sales order number
    request-document_item = lwa_vbap-posnr. " item number
    request-delivery_date = 16.09.2016.
    request-date = 16.09.2016.
    request-QUANTITY_SALES_UOM = 100

    request-QUANTITY_BASE__UOM = 100

    request-SALES_UNIT = 'KG'.
    request-SALES_UNIT_ISO = 'KG'.
    request-BASE_UOM= 'KG'.

    request-document_type = 'A'.
    request-document_type_delivery = 'ZLF'

    i was passed KG to bapi, but still delivery created in M.

  • It's KG the base UoM for your material?

    A note I found useful in the past from this old thread

    For deliveries, this is the delivery unit, which is also called the sales unit in the delivery. A different unit may be used in delivery processing than the one that appears in the preceding document. In this case, a unique reference is only possible if you use the base unit of measure.

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