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Jan 17, 2018 at 05:38 PM

Because after running the Tx - FPVA not all FICA invoices show claim level?


I explain the problem: Execute the transaction FPVA - Proposed claim, when I visualized the report I realized that some expired documents are not assigned level of claim, so I carry out the following activities:

- Check application logs (FPVA), which shows several informative messages between them: 3-226 Constituted (s) 1 group (s) of claim and 3-229 The level of claim has not been increased for any element, among others . (Log-4 applies)

- Review the master data of the different business partners that presented documents with a claim level and without a claim level to detect possible differences that could affect the claim level assignment,

- Review data of a business partner, with the same account agreement with different types of document (DR / FA) with and without level of claim,

- Modify the ranges of application of the transaction: from 1 to 999 ... and from A to ZZZ

- The amount limit is verified, it is: $ 0.00

- The "Z" report was debugged.

In spite of the above, it does not detect the origin or why some expired documents are left without a level of claim.

Thanks in advance and I look forward to your comments.