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BYD My settings - country specific

Oct 24, 2016 at 06:16 AM


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Dear Gurus,

Could you please inform me how the Country-specific help is customized in the "My Settings" Screen.

For seasons I do not fully understand Belgium is listed here.

Thank you in advance.


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Harshal Vakil
Oct 24, 2016 at 12:15 PM

Hi Klaus,

When you select country under my settings -> On Screen help,

System will list the help center documents which are specific for the country requirement.

In the help center, There are some documents which are specific to the functionality which is only valid for country or set of country.

For example : Help center document : Depreciation method -> If you have not assigned country, when opening the help center document, system will show below details, Instead of the actual content of the help center document.

This document contains text that is relevant for Austria and Germany. To ensure that the system displays the correct text, select -> Personalize ->My Settings -> Select Onscreen Help and, under Country, choose the relevant country. Save your settings and logout to ensure these changes are made.

List of the country, you see available for selection is derived from the countries scoped in the Implementation project

I hope this answers to your concerns. If so, Please accept this as an answer to close the thread.



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Hi Harshal,

Thank you for your help. I think you answered my question.

Currently two countries are part of the Project scope: Austria and Romania.

Nevertheless Belgium appears in different work Centers throughout the System eg.


We have already tried to exclude Romania from the Project scope and following this Belgium also dissapears.

I have opened an incident to have this functionaliy checkey by SAP. I will publish the result of the incident here and will then Close this thread.

Thanks again,



Hi Klaus,

I am not entirely sure of the following explanation but this only an explanation I could think of.

Since Romania is not fully localized country and it is pre-localized version. to my understanding here, SAP may have considered Belgium (Legally closest may be) as a base and enahnaced the functionality which are specific to Romania. This could be the reason why you see Belgium in the list for on screen help field .

SAP delivered countries -> mostly all legal functionalities available (SAP tax Basics)

SAP Pre-localized country version Enhances Tax Basic by:

•Default country scoping

•Additional tax codes

•Withholding tax (if applicable)

•Customer Facing Forms

•Country specifics (if applicable)

However do keep us posted. on the information received via incident.




Dear Harshal,

The descirbed error was finally corrected with a hotfix by SAP over the last Weekend.

Thank you again for your Input.

Kind regards,