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SAP Customer CheckOut - Business One - invoice number sequence on error

Jan 17 at 01:15 PM


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  • Hi all,

i'm testing SAP CCO with SAP B1 9.2 PL08 on HANA.

I've installed all components according to documentation:

  • CCO Java client on pos machine
  • CCO Monitor (inside B1i)
  • CCO Server

I've done quite a test but i'm wondering on one point that i could not answer by mysell:

Scenario: i've created 5 invoices in CCO client:

  • 2 invoices on day 1
  • 1 invoice on day 2
  • 2 invoices on day 3

in CCO monitor I can see what happened at the end of day 3:

  • day 1: first invoice got number 1 and second invoice got number 2
  • day 2: the only invoice for this day do not get posted in B1 (let's suppose that an item was "inactive"). Nobody check the monitor so this message is stuck on "inconsistent" status
  • day 3: first invoice is regularly posted and got number 3, second invoice got number 4

At the of day 3 someone try to solve the problem of the invoice in error status (activate the item and re-send the message), so this document got posted with number 5.

Question 1: considering we are posting "AR Invoice" the document numbering should respect the sequentiality of the invoice created by CCO client, but in this scenario we got invoices of day 3 with a numbering that is lower that invoice of day 2. I'm wondering on how the accouting report will show this data. Isn't it wrong? At least in Italy we have to respect the document sequence so in case of a regulatory check, our customer will be in fault.

Question 2: all receipt created by CCO client has their own number syntax (build up using POS id + numbering. ex. A101 + 180000001; so receipt number will be something like A101180000001), but SAP B1 document number can be different.

For example we can have ARInvoice Series just as 180000001; so i'm asking myself: the final customer can declare to authority an invoice with ID A101180000001 that correspond to an AR Invoce in SAP B1 with number 180000001. Is it correct? (even if CCO save the receipt ID in a standard field on Invoice Header)? All the financial report will show B1 number, not the receipt ID.

Thank you for your opinion/suggestions.


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1 Answer

Stephan Best
Jan 18 at 01:49 PM

Hi Stefano,

for question 1 we have a small example for a modification (B1i Extension) in our partneredge. Here you can define that the number of the CCO Receipt will be transferred to B1 and then the issue which you explained will be solved.

For the second question you have 2 possibilities.

1) use for every cco installation a prefix with numbers and the above mentioned extension then the issue with different numbers in CCO and B1 will be gone

2) if you need prefixes with letters for you CCO instances, remove in CCO configuration - Pos systems - sequence numbers the prefix ${cashDeskPrefix}1${number?string and uses above mentioned extension, then the document number without prefix will sent to B1

the example for the plugin can be found here:

hope that helps

kind regards


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