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Jan 17, 2018 at 12:56 PM

About Logistics Information System (LIS) problem


lis1.jpglis2.jpglis3.jpglis4.jpglis4.jpglis5.jpgI copied a LIS structure to create a new table S990, I hope the reason of the difference by the day according to the statistical number, but the first confirmation´╝îreason of difference is 0001, Yield number =1, S990 data is correct.

But second confirmation reason of difference is 0005, Yield number=2

, the S990 data is the first value the cumulative value of second times, Yield number is 3 not 2,I hope it is accumulated according to reason of the difference by the day.

Attachments are detailed configuration and test records


lis1.jpg (127.8 kB)
lis2.jpg (115.0 kB)
lis3.jpg (96.9 kB)
lis4.jpg (128.0 kB)
lis4.jpg (128.0 kB)
lis5.jpg (124.8 kB)