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Use stock in a different plant for planning

Jan 17 at 11:07 AM


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Let me explain our scenario. We have tree plants 01 is a production plant, 02 is a packaging plant and 04 is a plant for stock. When we produce the goods we send to plant 04 waiting to send to plant 02 for packaging.

So, we have create some procurements specials. Plant 02 request goods to plant 04 and 04 requests the goods to plant 01.

We have a semifinished good (a) which we can use for packaging reasons or reuse to generate a new semifinished good (b).When a new requeriment for product (b) go inside the system, SAP plan a plan order to produce the product (b) and other plan order to create the product (a), because product (b) needs product (a). However, we have enough stock in plant 04. But, as plant 01 couldn't request the product to plant 04 SAP is not taking into account.

Do you know any way to take into account the stock of plant 04?

Thank you very much.

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2 Answers

Caetano Almeida
Jan 17 at 03:16 PM

Hello Jose

This question has been asked several times in SCN and I have already answered it several times. Please take a look on the threads below:

Before opening a new question in the future, please make a more detailed research in old questions, in order to avoid posting questions that were already answered.



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José María Tristán Martín Jan 18 at 01:46 PM

Thanks Caetano. I've dedicated some days to find a similar question but I didn't get it.

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