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How resolve this error "the name SNC and the indicated user or principal do not match"

Jan 16 at 07:28 PM


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This error occurs in a random way, there are times when I execute it with and the error appears and other times with the same credentials appears.

The parameters that I use to invoke the sap rfc

(RfcConfigParameters.User, Connected user);

(RfcConfigParameters.SncMode, "1"); (RfcConfigParameters.SncLibraryPath, SNC_Library); (RfcConfigParameters.SncPartnerName, this.SNCPartner); (RfcConfigParameters.SncPartnerName, "p: *** @ ********"); (RfcConfigParameters.Name, destName); (RfcConfigParameters.AppServerHost, Host); (RfcConfigParameters.SystemNumber, SistemaNumerico); (RfcConfigParameters.Client, Principal); (RfcConfigParameters.Language, Language);

If anyone knows what this error is, I will be eternally grateful


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