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Jan 16, 2018 at 07:00 PM

Launchpad News Tiles Issue


Hi experts,

I am experiencing an issue with the News Tiles. I have configured an application type SAPUI5 News in my Site within the SAP Cloud Portal, as shown below:

The news tile is fed by an RSS Feed site (this service is CORS compliant), see below:

The news is seen correctly inside the Tile, but after 3 scrolls, the Tile begins to look choppy, the scrolls begin to be seen in half until at one point the Tile looks empty.

Look, first time the page appears, the Tile looks good:

Then, after 3 scrolls, the Tile begins to look choppy:

And lastly, the Tile looks empty:

I think it's a product issue since the configuration is quite simple. The RSS Feed service works correctly with other Feed Readers.

Another important fact: The RSS service does not provide the background images, but these are generated by the news engine itself within the Portal.

Could someone confirm if it is a product issue, or if I am forgetting some configuration detail.

Thank you very much.



issue-1.jpg (63.2 kB)
issue-2.jpg (46.0 kB)
issue-3.jpg (55.2 kB)
issue-4.jpg (49.7 kB)
issue-5.jpg (33.2 kB)