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Jan 16, 2018 at 05:58 PM

LTRC - How to set filters for Replication with cluster tables



we have loaded the BSET table in Hana DB from ECC 60 using and slt system based on DMIS 2011_1_731 0013

We did the "Initial Load" setting the filter GJAHR >= 2016 and it worked, since we need only these data.

But since we started the Replication of this table, we noted that also records with GJAHR < 2016 are replicated to HANA, and we want to stop this behaviour.

In LTRC we set as Reading type 4 , CLuster Type, but in tab Replication Filter we do not have any possibility to set the Filter for "Replication only"

To do that we tried to add the RFBLG table with the filter GJAHR >= 2016 only for Replication, in LTRC -> Advanced Replication Settings but trying to save we have a short Dump in ST22 for duplicate key.

If we try to enter directly the record in table DMC_ACSPL_SELECT, as for Tobias blog : at first

the record for RFBLG seems to be in place, but if you do refresh, the record disapper

What's wrong?