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S4 HANA Analytic Reporting Tools

Jan 16 at 04:32 PM


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I am looking for guidance on the different use cases for the analytic tools available in S4 HANA 1709, we have an on premise system.

Below is my understanding, plus some questions on the use cases... any guidance on the use cases for these tools and/ or correction of my understanding would be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Sarhan Polatates Jan 16 at 05:12 PM

Hi Josh,

All information that you need is here:

Overwiew info :


SAP S/4HANA supports embedded analytics to simplify users' business processes (see S/4HANA Embedded Analytics). One of the ways of implementing embedded analytics is the use of multidimensional reports. For more information, see Configuring Multidimensional Reports.

SAP S/4HANA contains analytical applications that enable you to monitor and analyze your data. Besides specific analytical functions integrated in various individual applications, there are three types of applications with generic user interfaces:

To get an overview on all available reports, you can use the Query Browser or the View Browser. For more information, see Query Browser and View Browser.

To support the consumption and definition of semantically rich data, SAP offers a common set of domain-specific languages (DSL) and services called Core Data Services (CDS). For more information, see CDS Views.



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Thanks Sarhan I appreciate your swift response.

I have viewed this page previously and some of the issues I face with the information is as follows:

  1. What is the difference between the KPI and Report apps? The page simply details that in one you create a KPI first or a report first followed by evaluation paths, drill downs etc. Why would you use a report rather than a KPI?
  2. With the analytical reports, is this for all analytical reports including KPI and Report? As far as I am aware there is no application called analytical reports and this seems supported by the page which gives an overview of the navigation panes within an analytical report
  3. Likewise with the APF apps, from my point of view and supported by the link, this is a way of providing predefined analysis steps which allows further drill down by predetermined dimensions; how is this different from a Smart Business KPI app?

As you can see I have some confusion over why you would chose one tool over another as they all appear to be very similar. Unfortunately I am still waiting for our environment to be setup so I can use these different applications however I need to pull together proposals of how and why we will be using the different options.

Kind regards



I think I have got your point Josh, let me try to explain them with samples:

KPI : Precalculated and filtered value, visualized by Fiori based on CDSs and presented mostly in Fiori Tile like:

Drill Down :

You can drill down in the fiori report.

Above are predefined reports

Query is little bit different, you directly select a CDS view and built your own analysis.

All of them are based on VDM.

Hope I am a little bit clear.


This is analytical report

Analytical reports are using a generic approach that enables you to analyze your data and visualize your results. It is possible to switch the display from table to chart and to a combined table chart display.