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Jan 16, 2018 at 02:42 PM

Very slow sapstop / stopping disp+works


hi friends.

We have got a problem here with stopping our sap-production.

ERP EHP7 / Solaris 11 / Oracle

Last time it took about 25 minutes.

It works fine until the point "waiting for clean up resources".

In the stopsap-script i see that the script waits for the stop of all sap-processes. This part took us about 13 minutes until it goes on.

The load from the solaris-zone goes up to 116 at this time.

The stop from the ASCS tooks 7 minutes and the DB 4 minutes.

At the DB-stop we have got a 299 load.

After the DB-stop the load goes to 5 and everything - even the SAP start- works fine.

The SAP-System runs very fast. The EM, HEAP and buffers (pspar) are fine as well.

Could you give me some tips? Thanks in advance.