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LPD_CUST Entry not present for MyInbox app


I am working on configuring MyInbox app and there is an issue.

1. Installation of components(UIX01CA1 200, IW_PGW 100)- Done

2. Role assignments - Done

When checked LPD_CUST, no entry present for UIX01CA1. I added a manual entry as given below

I did the launchpad configuration too. and the tile is loaded with the workflow items present in my inbox.

When the tile is clicked, it is not navigating to the app. A new tab is opened with the path

http://sap/bc/ui5_ui5/sap/ca_fiori_inbox and nothing is loaded. if Prefixed the URL with application server details, system throws an error "index.html" not found.

I searched some blogs but not able to get a clue.



capture.png (38.6 kB)
capture1.png (6.6 kB)
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  • Hi Sriram

    LPD_CUST is not relevant to Fiori My Inbox. It has it's own customization as it can connect to multiple backends. So the concept of LPD_CUST is not relevant here and may confuse things further - you might want to consider removing your special configuration to avoid that.

    You don't mention which backend system you are connecting to - is it ERP? Suite on HANA? S/4HANA? - the config is similar but has some slight differences. Also are you using Fiori My Inbox 1.0 or 2.0? Hopefully 2.0.

    Firstly you will need to create a System Alias especially for My Inbox in the Gateway system - you can see some hints in this blog. This system alias points to the backend system you want to use as a workflow provider.

    There's a good bit of detail in the implementation help - you can reach this via the Implementation Documentation link in the Fiori Apps Library for the My Inbox app.

    Essentially you need to complete some activities in the IMG in both the Gateway system - which acts as the inbox hub system - and in the backend system (Business Suite, S/4HANA etc.) - which acts as the workflow provider.

    The tasks in the Gateway system are mostly to set up configuration scenarios - in other words you can create different flavours of My Inbox so that only certain tasks are shown in certain tiles. Or you can just do that generically.

    In the Gateway system you are identifying which workflows and tasks are being drawn from which workflow provider, and what buttons should be shown for those tasks.

    In the backend system you need to check first that the workflow environment is working and you can create workflows and send them to your test user.

    You'll need a system alias in your backend system that points back to your Gateway system (that's used when building links to launch tasks and complete actions).

    Then you need to specify the task-specific launch and action - often this is done via txn SWFVISU but this is where it really matters what backend system you are using as there are more options available in S/4HANA than in Business Suite. Depending on what option you are using you may also need to code the BADI to actiton

    You can find other useful blogs in the Fiori My Inbox wiki



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2 Answers

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    Oct 24, 2016 at 07:02 AM

    Hi Sriram,

    Have you check all pre-requisite before implementation ?

    After LPD_CUST configuration, what target mapping you have provided to tile ? Can you please attach as i can not see 'Role', 'Instance' and 'Application Alias' in above screenshot ?



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    Oct 24, 2016 at 08:42 PM

    Hello Deependra,

    Appreciate your response.

    capture3.pngYes, we did check the pre-requisites. Below is the screenshot for the target mapping.



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