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May 13, 2008 at 07:15 AM

Increase in Capitalization.


Hi BCS experts,

We are running the consolidation activity no.05 that is Increase in Capitalization in which we are mentioning the Equity Data and Investment Data separately with no change in percentage, while running the consolidation activity for the same consolidation unit we are getting the Goodwill +ve as well as the Goodwill -ve separately, actually the system should post the document by knocking off the equity with investment and the difference should be posted in either Goodwill +ve OR Goodwill -ve and not to the Goodwill +ve AND Goodwill -ve both separately as what the system is doing right now.

Eg: Cons Unit 4000, FS Item Goodwill +ve 3000007, FS Item Goodwill -ve 1021080, FS Item Equity 1021000, FS Item Investment 2031050

Assume first conso is already being done, there is increase in investment by cons unit 4000 with no change in percentage in 2000 and increase in equity.

Now the system should knock off the investment and the equity data and post the Goodwill +ve OR Goodwill -ve, it should not post the document for equity and investment separately creating the Goodwill +ve and Goodwill -ve

Note: while running the first consolidation with the same type of data with 01 activity, the system posts the difference perfectly in either Goodwill +ve or Goodwill -ve

Bhavesh Parmar.