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May 13, 2008 at 06:24 AM

Cost component with attributes restricted to 20/40


Hello Gurus,

The cost components have been restricted to 20/40 (SAP standard) either by combining more than one values or accommodating the CO-PA requirements within that number. Now, the requirement is to have more number of entries than the max limit of 20 each (fixed/variable), system is throwing following message - Maximum number of cost fields reached (40) (Message no. KQ304).

Basic system design- The system is limited to 40 cost component fields. Each cost component can be set to variable or total (fixed and variable). However, the database has two fields: "total" and "fixed". "Variable" is derived. So if you set a cost component to "total" you, in effect, set up two fields (total and fixed) that need to be maintained. If you set a cost component to "variable" you, in effect, set up just one field (total) that needs to be maintained. So the basic limiting factor is that if you set every cost component to "total", you can only have 20 cost components.

Because of this system limitation the only option left for us is to utilize 40 elements at the most without the internal split of fixed and variable portions. Now, the split is also necessary as such this workaround solution also can’t be implemented.

Is there any additional way (user exit or some additional solution) which will allow overcoming this limitation and increasing the table entries by more than 20/40?

Thanks & regards,