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Is There a way to import data from Hana database?

Jan 18 at 02:44 AM


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I need to integrate data from different views of Hana to complete my design of analytics in SAC.

My question is:
Is there a way to extract data from Hana database?

I mean:

I need to IMPORT data in SAP Analytics Cloud from a Hana database
Like to import data from a remote system
but the remote system is a Hana database. no to Live data.

We already have live data connection and it works very well but I need to use functions of the MODELER

Best regards

Jesus Palacios

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3 Answers

Erdem Pekcan Jan 18 at 05:42 AM


Currently HANA connections support only live connection type. As an alternative, if you have BO enterprise as well, you can create a UNX on top of your views and import data based the UNX connection.

Which functionalities you need in SAC modeller? Isn't it also possible in HANA modeller?


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Hi Erdem

Thanks for the response

The function that I need is the following:

In Hana I have two views View 1 with Dimension "A" and Measure "1" View 2 with Dimension "A" and Measure "2"

I need to compare Measure 1 and 2

My analytic model in SAC has Dimension A and Member Acoount 1 and 2

To fill my model with the correct information I thought about doing two import the first with the view 1 and the second with the view 2 that way I can apply my comparative and conditional formating For that reason I need to do the Import

Example: Measure 1 and 2

I know that the best opcions is 1 view with everything integrated but for different reasons I can not count on it

thanks for your time


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You can link live HANA models in SAC. Use Dimension A in your sample.
Alternatively you can create a top level view in HANA to merge those two views.


Henry Banks
Jan 18 at 08:30 AM


As pointed out already, there is no support for "import from hana" - see the help pages here

the reason for this is you potentially have 'big data' accelerated via in-memory storage... thus the argument would be 'why would you want to replicate that data again into another system'? it will become costly.

regards, H

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I forgot to add - one option that may be available to you might be to Import from an Odata connection.

First you'd have to expose the HANA view as web service, and then consume it in SAC via Odata.

regards, H

Julian Jimenez
Jan 30 at 02:41 PM

Hi Jesus,

If you have a small data set, you can import data from HANA using OData connections.



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