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ORDER UNIT and OPU Column in Standard PO Me21n

Jan 17 at 02:13 PM


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Hi Guys,

When I’m creating a standard Purchase order in me21n, the Per & Order Price Uom Column is not working like before which system is automatically providing the calculation.

for instance i have enter the item chocolate( 1X10gm) and PO QTY 1CAR 100USD per CAR then system will auto-convert the PO QTY and UOM into 10 Ea. (in the Per Column system will auto. gave the qty convertion 10Ea) and the total amount should be 1CARX 100USD = 100 USD. and that what system is giving, and now when i am processing the same 1CAR chocolate(1X10gm) and 100USD price, system will gave the total amount 1000 USD and the Per Column qty will stick into 1Ea only unlike before it converting into 10 Ea.

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1 Answer

Jürgen L
Jan 18 at 07:21 AM

What does that mean in detail: "and now when i am processing the same 1CAR chocolate"

Are you now in ME22N and changing the price, or is this a new example and you are in ME21N as before?

If a new example, is the vendor different or the same?

If the same vendor, can it be that you get the price already proposed (via the info record from the last PO) and you are actually just editing the price?

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Former Member

Hi Jurgen,

It means when I am creating new PO in ME21N w/ same vendor the factor conversion in Per & OPU Column is not providing the actual or correct data. for e.g. the item Chocolate(1X10gm) base unit is CAR (100USD/CAR).

I punched 100 CAR QTY w/ 100USD Net Price, then when I pressed key enter, system automatically converted this into 1000 Ea, and then system also gave the factor conversion in PerColum 10 and OPU Ea for price 100USD/CAR - this is how system work before. And now what system giving is for 100 CAR w/ 100 USD Net Price, system will convert the qty into 1000Ea w/ Net price 100USD but in PerColumn it will remain 1 and OPU Ea for price 100USD/CAR.

Hope I had given the clear explaination here guys.

Former Member

Hi Hasne,

It seems that the default order unit set in your article/material is "EA" thus converting the inputted line item in CAR to EA. kindly post a screenshot of your article/material(Purchasing View) as well as the info record.