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May 12, 2008 at 09:24 AM

Custom tab title in 1 order transaction


Hi All,

I'm working on CRM 5.0 .

I'm trying to set the tab title for a custom tab in the 1 order transaction for specific order types ( specific Services based on process type ) .

I use the BADI CRM_CUSTOMER_H_BADI which has a method CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SET_TITLE which I'm using to set the title and the SET_SCREEN to set the custom screen where I can do all my coding for the new tab .

The issue here is that I want my tab title to be dependent on the proccess type that I select and I have my code in the CRM_CUSTOMER_H_SET_TITLE implementation to dynamically set the title.This does not work .

The system calls the BADI NOT when the CRM Order is created or changed ( after u selected the action create/change ) but when you enter the 1 order transaction ( CRMD_ORDER) and just ONCE !!!!

The system holds the guid of the last accessed order's proccess type and if there no last order accessed then it determines a guid for a default proccess type .

Eitherway the title is based on the last order and not the current one scenario .

log in

go to transaction crmd_order or /nCRMD_BUS2000116 .

No selection done ... immedieately BADI for title gets called .

If you do a CRM_INTLAY_GET_HEADER_GUID you get a guid and if u get the proccess type CRM_ORDERADM_H_READ_OW u get ICSS ( which is the default in my case ). Note that I have not selected my process type at this stage .

I select my proccess type SC31 and enter into the order

So the Title is not set in the BADI as it is not the right proccess type . So the system sets the new tab title as 'Customer fields'.

Now if you just come out of the transaction and get back in , the system knows the last accessed order proccess type LAC care plan ( SC31 ) .

the BADI gets called and gets the appropriate title as the last accessed order was relevant for the proccess type SC31 .

The BADI is called just once when u enter the transaction and not when you change the order . So change to order will not change the Title automatically unless u select the order

and then come out and back in .

Any inputs highly appreciated !!