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Export/import alert rule and alert category form PI 7.0 to PI 7.5

Jan 17 at 09:27 AM


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Hi, all!

We got a requirement to migrate from PI 7.0 (Dual-Stack) to PI 7.5 (Java single).

I have few questions about alert rule and alert category.

1. Is there a way to export them form PI 7.0 and import them into PI 7.5?

2.If no, does it mean that I have to create them in PI 7.5 manually or just alert rules are enough?

3.What is the difference between them in PI 7.0 and PI 7.5?



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Former Member Jan 17 at 03:54 PM

Hi Wuning,

Alert rule set up is completely different on Dual stack and single stack.

1. No.

2. You have to create manually in single stack. Here only alert rules are required. No need to create alert category as we do in dual stack ALRTCATDEF tcode.

3. I would say it is completely different in single stack compared to dual stack.

In dual stack -

1. We need to create alert category, corresponding alert priority, assigning expressions in container, corresponding mail body set up under long and short text in tcode - ALRTCATDEF.

2. In tcode - SCOT, we need to configure SMTP node.

3. In RWB, need to create alert rule based on the category created.

In Single Stack -

1. Need to create alert rule in ID and need to provide alert rule priority, affected ICO, runtime components, error type and alert consumer (standard one - AERT-TO-MAIL).

2. SMTP relay server configuration in NWA-Configuration-Infrastructure- Java System Properties- Java Mail client.

3. Need to schedule default Alert Consumer Job in NWA-Operation-Jobs-Java Scheduler.

You can follow below blog of Michael for Single stack alert configuration -



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Former Member

Hi Apu,

Thank you for your answer!

And I will follow the blog you shared.

Thanks and best regards,