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Jan 16, 2018 at 08:11 PM

Missing Counties in State Maps in Lumira Discovery


I am using Lumira Discovery Release 2.0 SP2 Patch1 on Windows 7. I am creating a map of 2 states (Kentucky and Missouri) showing population by county. I am using the offline map mode as I am not connected to an ESRI server. My data is in an Excel 2010 workbook in a single tab. State is mapped to Region, County is mapped to Subregion and County Seat is mapped to City.

KY and MO have several counties with the same name (Adair, Boone, Christian, Jackson, etc.). When I create a map with both states, counties that exist in both states will show up in only one state and the corresponding county in the other state is blank. If I split the data into two separate spreadsheets by state I can create a complete map for one state. But as soon as I put the two states together I start getting the missing county problem.

Notice the blank spots in both states in the first screenshot.

Now notice in the next screenshot when I filter by Missouri that the Missouri map still has blank spots but how those counties show up in their proper geographic location in Kentucky.

Is this a bug in this SP of Lumira 2.0? Do I just need to wait until I get 2.1 in a couple months?


0mzjb.png (212.2 kB)
uuola.png (149.8 kB)
c7u9s.png (149.8 kB)