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May 12, 2008 at 04:19 AM

sales return process


hai Gurus,

I have a scenario of Sales return. The customer returns goods with challan.The return sales order is created for 100 nos as per the challan.

But by physical verifcation only 90nos are there.

90 nos are sent to QA for Inspection no QA module interface here in this scenario.

QA will inspect and sents a manual document which contains Ok quantity and not ok quantity(damaged).

80 ok and 10 not ok ( for example)

Now For 80 ok the client will do pgr and for the remaining 10nos which is not ok he will use MB1C and dump in Scrap storage location.

Now credit memo.Here with respect to return sales order he will select manually 80 nos whre the return order conatins 100 nos and prepare a credit memo.

Remaining 10 nos they have a scenario of claiming to insurance so he will select 10 manually l from the selection list and prepare credit memo for the customer but the price excise duties all will be claimed to insurance account.

Now the user says that to select manually the Ok and notok quantity from the open sales return order will be difficult so he wants some information message when user does the credit memo the system should say for return order 80 nos is ok.

The client feels that sometimes the user will wrongly select the quantities eventhough details regarding the QA information is in front of his desk.

So please give me any suggestions hw to block the user he wrongly enter the ok quantity nos.

Any user exit or anything please mention

With regards