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Jan 16, 2018 at 07:34 PM

checkboxes and input box in table with oData

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I created a table in Web IDE that has a checkbox and input box that by default shows "100%" when checkbox is selected. It was working before I added data from a json but now that I made the column list item a template taking in data from the json on some of the columns, the input box does not fill in when selecting checkbox.

this the wanted result

If I use something like message box, it does the correct output when selecting checkbox.


I binded the event to the checkbox under select. This is the code for the checkbox.

<code>    percentCheck: function(oEvent) {
        //inputText is the input Text box  
        var inputText = this.getView().byId("inputPercent");
        var isSelected = oEvent.getParameter("selected");

        if (isSelected) {
        } else {