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May 10, 2008 at 02:32 PM

MaxDB Backup de-duplication ability


Hi all,

because thread is marked as answered I open this one, so that everybody can post their test results with the backup appliances that provide "de-duplication".

One question is also open for me: why not use incremental backups instead?

The impact to MTTR can only be a doubling of the restore time for the worst case scenario (that is: each and every single page in the database had been changed since the last complete data backup - not too likely really).

And the de-duplication server will have to recreate the complete file as well !

The advantages on the other hand are:

- MaxDB does the "de-duplication" by just saving changed pages (so that comes for free)

- less I/O impact to the system during the backup

- less data to send to the backup appliance (network)

- just one additional recovery step (instead of recover data + log, now data + pages + log need to get recovered)

So to me a incremental data backup from MaxDB seems to be the even better choice.

I mean you also won't select data from the database and sort it yourself, would you? 😊

KR Lars