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BPC Performance

One of our large BPC rpeort with 250 rows and 100 columns hangs with out refreshing.

The same report was running sucessfully with out issue before.

I noticed that optimization was not run recently for past 6 months. Could this be the reason?

Is there any concern in the middle of year end closing if the optimization is run? Will it affect any exisiting data or reporting any way?

What is the right optimization to be run FULL optimization or LITE. We have 4 years worth of planning and consolidation data.

Appreciate your inputs.

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3 Answers

  • Jan 16, 2018 at 07:57 AM

    Lite Optimize will help! Nothing will be affected. Run it as overnight job.

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  • Jan 16, 2018 at 09:44 AM

    Ram, a few points regarding optimization.

    Normally, only lite optimization is necessary. Full optimization is rarely needed and in fact in most cases will default to lite optimize even if run. See SAP KBA 1621911 regarding the differences between lite and full optimization.

    Also keep in mind that it is possible that the lite optimize may time out if it has not been run in a substantial amount of time. See SAP KBA "1934009 - Optimization fails due to time out" regarding how to change the time out setting and SAP KBA "1935969 - Lite Optimize Data Manager package aborts / times out" regarding how to compress the requests manually via the backend.


    Peter Kreutlein

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  • Jan 17, 2018 at 06:12 PM


    Running Lite optimization can potentially reduce the number of records in the Fact table(s) and speed up queries. However, depending on your BPC and data base version, HANA vs. non-HANA, and the volume of updates the effect of Lite optimize may or may not be significant. If after executing Lite optimize you are still having this issue then I recommend checking the process from the serve side to determine what is going on. I would recommend using SM50 or SM66 to track the execution and to capture ST12 trace to start with.

    Best Regards,

    Leila Lappin

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