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WebGUI issue - unable to download

Oct 23, 2016 at 07:32 PM


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I've just set up a system copy for a company that has split and they are running a training session next week for the new users. However, the trainer has found an issue - from WebGUI (the only access they have), they cannot download anything - and they need to download an excel financial spreadsheet.

The issue occurs whether or not you choose the download 'local file' button or go into 'System->List->Save->Local File'; they are presented with the usual pop up window that asks whether you want to save it unconverted, as a spreadsheet, to the clipboard etc.

No matter what you choose, when you come to click the green tick to continue, nothing happens.

Occasionaly you may see the circular swirl pattern (from Chrome) for a second or so, but that's it.

Neither does the red cross button work - you can't get off this screen. It's not froze as such - as you can still choose the radio button options. Issue is the same in Chrome and IE.

I've looked through about 25 different OSS notes so far; most aren't valid for our release version, and those that are don't help either.

Release information is:

Basis 701 SP5 (SAP_APPL 604 SP5), Kernel 721 patch 402

Most of the OSS notes pertain to kernel 722 and above; or much older versions that still aren't relevant.

The weird thing is that there's no error message/nothing to work with! I did run Fiddler but I'm not too familar with it; nothing I could see in there suggested any problem/error as such.

Any ideas?



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1 Answer

Cristiano Hansen
Nov 28, 2016 at 09:16 PM

Hello Ross,

I would like to suggest to use the WEBGUI File Browser approach - not sure whether you are already familiar with this new feature.

Note that NPAPI is being deprecated and removed from all web browsers, so SAP developed a new way to download/upload files, using HTML5.

You can read SAP KBA 2249454 and see the basics of it.

Kind regards,


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