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Jan 15, 2018 at 08:35 PM

Lumira Designer: Edit Initial View/Reset Initial View


We are on Lumira 2.0 SP2 patch 1.

We have Lumira designer reports based on Bex queries. Every time we add or remove a key figure or characteristic or change a formula, why do we need to ‘reset initial view’ to see the new added KF or characteristic (s) ?

Here is an example, this particular tab- cross tab is based on Query ZBO_XYZ which is being used by multiple tabs.

We made a change to this query ZBO_XYZ, as a result dashboard got broken, that is the 3 tabs based on the query, were to set to initial view with all rows and columns exactly as we have it in BEx. Is there any way to just refresh changes in designer, to see the new fields coming from BEx instead of it automatically changing the set initial view to the default view?

Every time we have to do a ‘Reset Initial View’ to see the changes in the query.

Screen shot below.


e2bgo.png (305.0 kB)