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May 09, 2008 at 09:19 PM

Scanned Signatures on a Smartform


Another question for the group...not urgent so think it through.

I have this document that says, 'Thanks for ordering product from us. Your friends Neighborhood Sales Rep.' Now the Sales representative wants the IMAGE of his signature to follow (vanity I think). Ok, that is fine and dandy, I load this image into SMW0...then bring it into the biggie. Get ready for the rub.

I have HUNDREDS of these sales reps, the come and go like the damn wind, they get married almost as often as they get divorced. In short, these scanned images frequently change. On top of that they exist on other documents that are freqently used...they live on the LAN now so...they cannot be loaded into SMW0 without a significant addition to maintenance overhead. So, the concept is to get them into the smartform with the minimum amount of additional work. Here are some ideas...but they don't quite do it. Any other ideas???

1. Use a seperate process to perhaps daily load SMW0 with these gifs using UPLOAD_WEB_OBJECT. This doesn't work well because the web repository is a transportable object, however I may be able to change it to a current setting then this problem is resolved.

2. Would there be a way to use a program logic node in the smartform to upload the appropriate gif (they are fortunately always the first six characters of the last name and the first and middle initial, which I have in SAP) and put it into a graphic? Or a text node? Just a thought...this may not be possible but what the heck, it's worth the query.