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May 09, 2008 at 06:29 PM

IAuthentication forceLogoffUser(req,res,url) method not accesible



I´m trying to build a JSP for Login the user Off SAP portal but I got errors son I used a Javabean to test the declarations, object, method and stuff like that but when I use the IAuthentication Interface and see his methods it is not showing the forceLogoffUser(req,res,url) method even though it is shown in the API Java Docs.

Here is what I´m doing in NWdeveloperStudio:


IAuthentication ia = UMFactory.getAuthenticator();

ia.<Here is where the Method forceLogoffUser is not displayed as an selectable option)

Has anyone used this Method to LogOff users succesfully?

thanx in advanced!

Kind Regards,

Gerardo J