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May 09, 2008 at 03:45 PM

1 Sender multiple msgtype to 1 receiver multiple msgtype - How to do that ?



We need to build a scenario that will take from a single sender (mainframe applications) via a single queue (JMS) multiple msg type (that has different structure)

Queue #1= msg1 (bank deposit), msg2 (transfer $ from acc 1 to acc 2), msg3 (bank reward), etc

and send it to a single receiver (SAP ECC) creating one IDOC type per msgType

msg1 will be map to IDOC_ABC

msg2 will be map to IDOC_DEF

msg3 will be map to IDOC_GHI ... etc

we do not want to use BPM 😉

Any hints will be welcome!

Merci ! 😉 A+