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May 09, 2008 at 03:24 PM

SAP System Measurement


Hi all -

We just got requested for our first SAP license Audit. We only have FI in production. We have a Dev, QA, Prod and Sandbox envirnment under this one footprint of SAP.

I understand that in the System Measurement process you can exclude test and copied clients in the Prod environment. my question is: Do I need to provide the user list from DV1, Sandbx and QA as well as prod?

Basically QA is a copy of prod with only one client. And Dev has 2 clients in it. Seems redundant. Can anyone shed light if its just prod users I need to provide using USMM? I dont think I need to use LAW since we only have one module in prod.

Thanks - i can add more clairfication if needed