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Closing 3rd party Sales Order item not delivered but with IR-L


In our system we have a huge number of very old 3rd Party Sales Orders that remain open (Overall Header Status VBUK-GBSTK = A or B) and we can't close. The reason is because they contain items relevant for delivery that have never been delivered (no Outbound Delivery exists), however the corresponding PO item has an Invoice Receipt (IR-L) posted.

Normally to close the SO we would reject the not-delivered item. But in this scenario the Reason for Rejection cannot be set. The reason is that, even if we can set flag for deletion in the PO item, because of the IR-L the PR will continue to show Quantity Ordered <> 0 (field BSMNG in the PR, that is normally 0 if PO item is deleted), and VA02 is expecting this value to be 0 in order to allow you set the Reason for Rejection.

As said, it's about very old document, so there's no idea of creating real deliveries or billing documents for those open SO. The only solution we have found so far is create a dummy outbound delivery for the SO, delivery that we immediatly close with VL_COMPLETE. But it doesn't feel specially Ok to create dummy documents in production.

Anyone that has come accross the same issue or have an idea how it can be solved?

Thanks in advance

Javier Casillas

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  • You mentioned delivery creation. Are you really sure that these are third-party sales orders?

    In standard third-party order processing (item category TAS or ALES) there is no delivery created referencing the sales order because the vendor delivers the product directly to the customer.

    Can it be that you have individual purchase order process (item category TAB), where the vendor delivers the product to your premises and after that you deliver to the customer?

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