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May 09, 2008 at 11:01 AM

MRP Results


Hi sir,

We make stock transport orders to transfer finished product from one plat to another. stock transport order creates POItem in mdo4 screen at recieving plant and ORDRel at supplying plant.

When I run my MRP system actually minus my requirement of PIR from the planned order which is not required. for inst.

Here plant is recieving plant:

PO Item 1000 Un

PIR 5000 Un

Pld ord 4000 Un.

Here plant is Supplying plant:

Ordrel 1000 Un

PIR 5000 Un

Pld Ord 5000 Un

In case of supplying Plant its OK. Because we include figures of product has to be supplied to other plant in our PIR. But In case of Recieving plant its not eccepted.

Can I eliminate the impact of POItem from my MRP calculation


Majid Ali Khan