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Jan 17, 2018 at 12:06 PM

Lumira 2.1 Designer: No navigation/drilldown by click on a crosstab on the BO Mobile app


Hi together

currently I am involved in the migration project from DesignStudio to Lumira 2.1. I updated the BI-Platform to 4.2 SP5 and installed the Lumira 2.1 Server Add-on and also the Lumira 2.1 client.

Furthermore I use the BO Mobile app (Version

After the installation of the Lumira 2.1 Server Add-on, I started to test the existing application on the iPad and also in the SAP Portal. The existing applications were created in the SAP DesignStudio 1.6 SP3.

The result is sobering!!!

All applications are executable (Portal and BO Mobile), but in the BO Mobile app there are huge restrictions. In one application I implemented a crosstab with an "On Select" event. If you click on a certain row, the application should set a filter and open a new crosstab. But this is not possible in the BO Mobile app. Nothing happens!

If I open the same application (same CUID) in the Portal or start it from Lumira Designer on the BI-Platform on the desktop it operates when I click on the crosstab.

In a nutshell: Everything fine on the desktop but not on the BO Mobile app (with the exact same application).

Anyone an idea how I can fix this issue?

Best regards!