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URL rewrite in Web Dispatcher

Jan 17 at 11:38 AM


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Hi Gurus,

I have a peculiar situation

We access our Open Text system via SAP Web Dispatcher. Users connect from local LAN as well as outside internet

After connecting the Open Text authentication happens in three steps

1) OpenText Content Server (OTCS) URL is accessed i.e. /OTCS/cs.exe

2) OpenText checks and finds out that the use is not authenticated and forwards it to the OpenText Directory Services (OTDS) URL which is /otdsws/login... It also adds a forwarding address in the URL

3) OTDS accepts ID/password, authenticates the user successfully and forwards the user back to the forwarding address i.e. back to Content Server

Problem: The forwarding address contains the URL http://OpenTextHostname.domain.LOCAL because it is generated by OTCS and it doesn’t know anything about dispatcher. This is fine for internal LAN users but will not work for internet users

Possible Solution: We need to rewrite the entire URL in dispatcher and replace “OpenTextHostname” with “WebDispatcher” and “LOCAL” with “com%3A<PORT_No_1>” so that in step 3, after authentication, user is forwarded correctly to OTCS dispatcher URL and not to Open Text hostname URL

As per SAP Note 2230605, In dispatcher instance profile, I have maintained parameter "icm/HTTP/mod_5 = PREFIX=/,FILE=$(DIR_GLOBAL)/security/data/icm_filter_rules.txt"

In the (DIR_GLOBAL)/security/data/icm_filter_rules.txt, I am not able to maintain the right syntax or parameters

I am on Kernel 749 with latest SP level so SAP Note 2089931 is not applicable to me

Any veiws or suggestions?


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