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SAPUI5 Login without Launchpad

Jan 17 at 10:36 AM


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Hi experts,

I deployed my first SAPUI5 application for testing. Now I want to understand how the login could be realized.

Since the customer doesn't want to use the Fiori Launchpad, I have extended the app for standalone use. The app is deployed to SAP Cloud Platform and connects to an on premise system.

If I launch the app via URL the Login Page for the Cloud Platform is loaded. Where I can login with my developer account (S-User). But what I expected is a Login page, where the SAP User ID could be used.

I've found a way to disable the authentication, but I don't want to implement a custom (Z) login page and the stuff behind. I think there must be a standard way.

I have found a lot of blogs like the following, that describe how to configure your own login page, via SICF. But the corresponding SICF node doesn't exist in the system. Is it because it is deployed to the SAP Cloud Platform and not to the ABAP System?

Configure own Login Page

Can you explain me what is the SAP standard way in this use case an how to implement/configure it?

Thank you in advance for your help.

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1 Answer

Christian Tapia Jan 17 at 07:01 PM


If you want to authenticate to your app, you can use an Identity Provider (Active Directory, SCP Identity Authentication services (SCP IAS), SAP ID Service)

The default Identity Provider (IdP) is the SAP ID Service, which you don't want to use.

The other option, SCP IAS, is not difficult to configure, but you need a SCP IAS tenant (which is not accesible from a trial SCP account).

Another option would be to configure an ADFS.

You can read this blog from Jakob Moellers:

Best regards,

Christian Tapia

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thank you for your answer. I have searched a lot with the keywords of your answer, but I haven't found the solution yet.

But I can't believe that this case is a special requirement.

Because I think many companies have an existing On-Premise SAP Netweaver System which they connect to the SAP Cloud Platform (not Trial) via SAP Cloud Connector. They create apps, deploy them to the Cloud Platform and want to use their existing User Store of the On-Premise System.

Isn't that the standard way to get started with SAP UI5/Fiori for companies with existing On-Premise Systems?

It would be great if you or anybody else could give me more information to find and implement the right/best solution.

You wrote "The other option, SCP IAS, is not difficult to configure, but you need a SCP IAS tenant (which is not accesible from a trial SCP account)". Since it is not a trial account, can you give a short direction to create the SCP Identity Authentication Service tendant and the configuration if its the solution I need.

I've found the following but don't know if its really what I'm looking for.

Configure a new Application Identity Provide / Use a On-Premise User Store.

Thanks for your help.

Best regards, Florian Halder


Hi Florian,

It depends in what Identity Provider you want to use. I have some little experience with the following:

1. SCP IAS: It's licensed. This means that even if you have a non trial account, it must be part of your license. (Is a different tenant). Check if your license includes this service/component.

2. ADFS: If your company uses an Active Directory as Identity Provider and you would like to use it to authenticate to your app, you can configure it through the SAP Cloud Connector. As I said, a pre-requisite would be to have the ADFS component installed.

3. If you don't have any of this, to start you must define how your users should authenticate to your app.

Please note that both links you provided are about Java applications.

Best regards,

Christian Tapia.


Hi Christian,

ok thank you. I thought you might just have to flip a switch somewhere to use the authentication of the on-premise system. But then I'll take a step back and first clarify which identity provider is the right one.

If SCP IAS is licensed on their platform, do they have to enable this service?

The service description and the result at the end of the page of the additional resource link Connection to corporate user store sounds exactly what I'm looking for. :-)

Best Regards,

Florian Halder


Hello Florian,

I've not used that service (Identity Authentication Add-on), but it looks that SCP IAS is a prerequisite.

I think that the SCP IAS is not listed as a service in SCP Cockpit since it's a different tenant.

I'd recommend to talk to your company's SAP contact in order to get a SCP IAS tenant.


Christian Tapia.