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Is it possible to create billing based on the Company code

Jan 17 at 09:25 AM


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I want to create a Billing based on the company code.

With regards,

Breetha Kumanan

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can you brief the actual requirement as per the Client.


i created a new company code based on the old company code, the client wants to create a invoice based on the company code, there is no sales area for the new company code same time customer dont want to assign the sales area, but the invoice need to be created based on the company code.


If you know how a billing document can be generated, you would have explained to your client. Client can expect anything in SAP but as a functional consultant, please explain that they need to understand the limitations and restrictions in SAP based on which, they can work.

Coming to your expectation, not at all possible even with user exit, if at all you wanted to go.

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Veselina Peykova
Jan 17 at 10:00 AM

Where is the challenge that you are facing, if your client does not wish to utilize SD features, then posting outgoing invoices can be done via FI (FB01, FB70).

Of course, you miss out on some options, but in some operations spending time and effort on SD does not add enough value to justify the cost.

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Great, that is called out of box thinking...

arnab sarkar Jan 18 at 06:08 AM

Hi Breetha,

Regarding your problem can you please explain the exact business process. Why you need only company code for billing creation ?



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