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May 09, 2008 at 07:23 AM

Payroll Deduction Error



I have done some custoimization in Indian Standard Paysllip with scema IN00.

When i run the payroll ,i getting the customized deduction with negative value as

shown below, where as standard deduction like PF, P Tax is perfect. Can someone

guide me how to change the -ve sign in to + ve one.

I tried these two methods but still problem exisits

1.GO to PE51 and select cumulation IDs and go the deductions side and change the signs.

2.Check the line layout in PE51 Tcode

In this double click on the field BETRG and select 19 (No +/- sign) under Conversion Filed in Print Options



BASIC -8000

HRA - 2000

Conveyance -2000


P Tax - 100

EPF - 1020

Canteen Deduction - 50 - like this

LIC Member ship - 100 - like this


Total 12000 970

Instead of 1270, i getting deduction of Rs 970.

Points will be rewarded.


Kumara Vel