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BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT using storage unit type


i've got a problem using BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT to create a production order confirmation with 101 goods receipt into a WM Warehouse.

The confirmation is posted and the goods receipt is booked on 901. Everything looks fine so far. But then i tried to place storage unit type information in table goodsmovement.

SU_PL_STCK_1 = 1

ST_UN_QTYY_1 = 3600,000


The program runs fine again. Everything is posted. But when i look at the material document i couldn't find the storage unit type information.

FORM post_conf  USING  it_timetickets    TYPE bapi_pp_timeticket_t
                       it_goodsmovements TYPE bapi2017_gm_item_create_t
                         iv_shift          TYPE char20
                         iv_datum          TYPE dats
                CHANGING ev_msgtyp

  DATA: ls_return         TYPE bapiret1,
        ls_det_ret        TYPE bapi_coru_return,
        ls_timeticket     TYPE bapi_pp_timeticket,
        lt_timetickets    TYPE bapi_pp_timeticket_t,
        ls_goodsmovement  TYPE bapi2017_gm_item_create,
        lt_goodsmovements TYPE bapi2017_gm_item_create_t,
        lt_det_ret        TYPE TABLE OF bapi_coru_return.

  CLEAR: ev_msgtyp, ev_msgtxt.

"Menge einfügren

  LOOP AT it_timetickets INTO ls_timeticket.
    ls_timeticket-yield       = iv_lmnga.
    ls_timeticket-scrap       = iv_xmnga.
    ls_timeticket-conf_text   = iv_shift.
    ls_timeticket-postg_date  = iv_datum.
    APPEND ls_timeticket TO lt_timetickets.

  DELETE it_goodsmovements WHERE entry_qnt IS INITIAL.

*     post_wrong_entries             = '2'
      testrun                        = ''
      return                         = ls_return
      timetickets                    = lt_timetickets
      goodsmovements                 = it_goodsmovements
*      link_conf_goodsmov             = lt_link
*     characteristics_wipbatch       = lt_characteristics_wipbatch
*     link_conf_char_wipbatch        = lt_link_conf_char_wipbatch
      detail_return                  = lt_det_ret.
  IF ls_return-type CA 'AEX'.
    MESSAGE ID ls_return-id TYPE ls_return-type NUMBER ls_return-number
            WITH ls_return-message_v1 ls_return-message_v2
                 ls_return-message_v3 ls_return-message_v4
            INTO ev_msgtxt.
    ev_msgtyp = 'E'.

      wait = 'X'.
ENDFORM.                    " POST_CONF
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1 Answer

  • Jan 16, 2018 at 01:30 PM

    The help docu to the parameter GOODSMOVEMENTS (can be found in via SE37 for BAPI_PRODORDCONF_CREATE_TT) explains that not all fields of goods movements can be used.

    Further there is a OSS note 2100802 - WM data is lost during decoupled goods movement

    I have no experience with this BAPI, and don't know exactly its capability, but in migration projects (inventory migration) I sometimes post directly from MM movements into WM bins, but this functionality is very limited. It works only for the most simple setup of a WM, which means without storage unit management, since the movement type allows only the maintenance of of storage type and storage bin. There is no field for storage unit in movement type field selection customizing.

    Had you already tried this manually from 101 movement, do you have there the option to enter the storage unit type in your system?

    Can you enter the storage unit type in the order confirmation transaction?

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