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May 08, 2008 at 04:58 PM

How to modify - Bounce workflow WS14000111



In CRM 5.0 we have newsletter email sent out through campaign execution. We have also set up bounce management to take care of bounced mails. In case of hard bounce we are able to get the desired action of flagging "Do not use" in BP record. However, in case of soft bounce we do not need the standard External List Management action but we need other action that is not part of bounce management context like "Forward Email" which is part of ERMS Context and is available in ERMS services. I suppose Workflow WS14000111 is used in case of softbounce.

My question is:

. Do I need to modify the workflow to take care of the new action required in my scenario. Some of the ERMS/bounce management documentation mentioned that I do not need to modify the workflow since this is taken care of automatically through modifications in Rule Modeler (I am already using Rule Modeler and specifying the desired action over there). However, in the log the inbound mail is identified as soft bounce but desired action is not triggered.

. If I need to modify the workflow how do I do the same. Can somebody guide me with the step by step procedure for the same.