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Question about Hana sizing and SLT

Jan 15 at 05:37 PM


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I have to load a list of tables , (using some advanced filter) from ECC 60 to HANA 1.0 one single node, using SLT .

My question is:

How I can estimate the space these tables will require on Hana ?

This is a test system but I need a way to estimate this disk space to know if we need a more bigger VM or not, since this a Cloud environment.

Obviously this analisys will give me us also the measure if the actual RAM on HANA is enought or not.

I would like to avoid situations like I start to load data and I consume all the disk space available for the Hana database, that would cause the Hana system to stop to work.

Any idea ?

best regards

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2 Answers

Sarhan Polatates Jan 15 at 06:20 PM

Hi Roberto,

Basically it depends on the RDMS on the source and the table structure. If the the sparsity is too high in your table, I mean there are many columns with blank value, than the ratio from RDMS to HANA will be high, Like a sponge. If most of the columns are full of value, the ratio will be lower, like a piece of rock.

The ratio depends, however, for assumption my personal experience use 5:1. Warning you again this is only an assumption :)

For example we have throwed 260 GB size of DB from MSSQL to HANA and it streched into 41GB.



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Florian Pfeffer
Jan 16 at 06:31 AM

If your origin system has the necessary software pre-requisites installed, you could use the sizing report described in note 1872170. This report allows you to calculate an estimated size for your required tables.


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