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Job is Not Visible, Exists in Status Monitor

Jan 15 at 10:44 AM


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Having a unique issue. I swear I've seen this before but I cannot find the post where it was fixed.

I imported a job from DEV to QA and the job is showing up in the Status monitor for that specific job folder but the job itself isn't visible in the job folder. How can that be? As you can see from the below screenshot, the job is in the Status monitor but doesn't seem to exist in the folder itself. I've restarted the MMC and tried the Refresh buttons. Doesn't work.

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7.2 | jobs
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1 Answer

Steffi Warnecke
Jan 15 at 12:36 PM

Hello Brandon,

I had the same thing, when I was deleting jobs in the MMC. They disappeared from the folder, but where still visible in the status list. I had to remove them via SQL statement from the database directly. Sounds to me like some tables were not updated correctly.

Try to import it again (maybe in another folder) to see if it's reproducable.




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I'll see about trying in another folder. At this point, I have reserved myself to simply rebuilding the job top to bottom in QA. By the time I screw around with this thing trying to get the import to work, I can probably just rebuild the job in QA in a shorter amount of time.

That said, I will try what you say too see what happens.


Probably, but when you have the same issue while importing it to prod... ^^


So I tried importing to a different folder, same result. Guess I'll just have to always rebuild this job when I, "promote" up. :(


Meh. I had stuff like that.

Have you re-exported it, too? Maybe the file is corrupted?