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May 08, 2008 at 10:10 AM

F-58 - Error Messages: Enter payment method with which checks are created


Hi all,

Pls go to T-code : FBZP

Click on "Payment methods in country"

try to look for payment method which is "T"

After that you can see the payment method for

==>Pls choose "Outgoing payments"

In the payment method classification

==>Pls choose "Bank Transfer"

and then try to click save.

do you having any error over here? If not then pls proceed the below:

Now pls go to f-58

after that pls click the "Back" button.

You can see as per below

company code

payment method

house bank

check lot number

pls choose "Payment method" = "T"

You will having error messages as "Enter payment method with which checks are created"

Message no.F5442

After that click on the "Techinal information" and follow by "Navigate".

There will be another screen pop up.

click on the "Messages"tab and try to look for Message "442".

In the self-explanat'y column is not "tick".

Is it we need to tick then only the error messages will be gone?

Kindly advice.